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2021 Alfred


2021 - “At My Place”

2021 - “Unhanding Heritage”

2021 - “Flustered Youngster”

2021 - “ Well Behaved Timidity

2020 Alfred

2020 - Zodiac Cup Set


2020 - “Sweet Anticipation”

2020 - “Bathtub Story”

2020 - “Back Home”

2020 - untitled

2020 - “I'm An Only Child“

2020 - “Ended On The 15th year”

2020 - “Bob-over”

2020 - Alfred second year 1st Midterm

2020 Covid Summer

2019-2020 Alfred 1st Year

2020 - Alfred first year 2nd Midterm

2019 - Alfred first year 1st Final

2019 - Alfred first year 1st Midterm


2019 - “Boy, Girl”

2019 - “As A Foreigner”

2019 - Sheridan






~ Artist Bio ~ 

Sami Tsang is a Toronto based ceramic artist whose work explores domestic encounters and private narratives borne out of the flux amidst two cultures – Chinese and Western. Sami studied traditional Chinese painting for 7 years in Hong Kong, which had a profound effect on her pursuing an arts career.

Sami earned her BA Craft & Design from Sheridan College (2019) and her MFA in Ceramics from Alfred University, NY (2021). Sami has presented solo, group exhibitions and art fair in the United States and Canada, including Sculpture Space, NYC, The Power Plant Contemporary Art Gallery, the Gardiner Museum, Cooper Cole Gallery, Toronto, ON and Toronto Art Fair.  Tsang’s work is included in private collections and Collection Majudia. Sami is currently an Artist-in-Residence (Ceramics) at Harbourfront Centre (Toronto, Canada).

~ Artist Statement ~

Being genuine is central to who I am. Mediated through materials and self-reflection, my work is a raw, truthful, and spontaneous response to how I feel in a given moment. My work is inspired by a sense of urgency to ask the question, what is so pressing?

The Initial sketches that inform my work are inspired by Chinese proverbs from my childhood memories. Additional themes of my work center on humor, vulnerability, challenging tradition and overcoming childhood into adulthood.

When I am creating ceramic sculptures, I work from a meditative place. As the piece evolves, I make additions to the work. My sculptures and drawings are representational of the different stages of my childhood and adolescence where I often felt repressed and silenced. The characters that appear in my work are responses to the moments when I felt entrapped in domestic settings, and then liberated as a Chinese Canadian woman artist.

My sculptural works feature ceramics, textiles, and rice paper covered in resin. My large-scale work point to the importance of representation and taking up space in connection with others.

As I continue to have difficult conversations with myself, the narratives I incorporate into my sculptures represent transformation, breaking boundaries and challenging tradition.

 Artist CV   


2021        MFA, Ceramic Art, Alfred University, NY, USA

2019        Bachelor of Craft and Design: Ceramics, with Honours Sheridan College, Canada


2022         Artist-in-Residence: Ceramics, Harbourfront Centre, Toronto



2023        Upcoming - Solo Exhibition, T293 Gallery, Rome, Italy

               Upcoming -  Solo Exhibition, Companion Gallery, Humboldt, TN

               A Good Hard Look, Cooper Cole Gallery, Toronto, ON
               Sami Tsang, ClayAKAR, Iowa City, USA

2022        Disgraceful Me, Project Booth, Art Toronto, Canada
                Know Your Place, Solo Exhibition, Art Gallery of Burlington, Toronto, ON

                Sami Tsang, ClayAKAR, Iowa City, USA

2021         Sami Tsang, Charlie Cumming Gallery, Gainesville, FL

                Mooncake Party, Gardiner Museum Award Winner, Gardiner Museum, Toronto

                Mooncake Party, MFA Thesis Exhibition, Fosdick-Nelson Gallery, Alfred, NY


2023       Upcoming - Different States of Matter, Nceca, Richmond, VA

              Upcoming - group exhibition, Kelowna Art Gallery, Kelowna, BC
              Upcoming - Art Toronto, Canada

              Upcoming - NADA Miami, Miami

              In Parallel - Group exhibition, The Power Plant, Toronto
              Other Tigers, The Lost & Found, Toronto

             Annual Artstream Spring Tour and Exhibition, Fort Collins, CO

2022      Every Answer is Correct, Ernst & Young, organized by the Powerplant

             Award Exhibition, Craft Ontario, Toronto

              Plenty, Black and Smith Gallery, Jerseyville, ON
              What a Cup Knows, Artstream Nomadic Gallery, Fort Collins, CO

              Material Mugs VII, Companion Gallery, Humboldt, TN

              Off-site Exhibition, organized by The Power Plant, Toronto
               SMASH, Gardiner’s annual art party, Gardiner Museum, Toronto

               Two-Person (Sami Tsang & Sasha Barrett), Tandem Gallery, Bakersville, NC
               Breakthrough PLUS 2022, FUSION Clay & Glass Ontario, Toronto

               Above Board Tableware exhibition, Above Board Ceramics, virtual

                Earth Oracles, Mayten’s Project, Toronto

                Separate/Together, Cooper Cole Gallery, Toronto

2021         Award Exhibition, Craft Ontario, Toronto

                Alfred MFA 2021 Group Exhibition, Sculpture Space, Long Island City, NY

                Above Board Tableware exhibition, Above Board Ceramics, virtual

                Canadian Exhibition, curated by Carole App, The Ceramic School, USA

                15th Yunomi Show, ClayAKAR, Iowa City, IA, USA

2020        Crafts in the Art: International Virtual Exhibition, Chulalongkorn University, Thailand

                Americano 2020, ClayAKAR, Iowa City, IA, USA

                14th Yunomi Show, ClayAKAR, Iowa City, IA, USA

                Confluence, Robert C.Turner Gallery, Alfred, NY, USA

2019        The Intimate Object XV, Charlie Cummings Gallery, Gainesville, FL, USA

                The Functional Canvas IV, Charlie Cummings Gallery, Gainesville, FL, USA

                NCECA Juried Student Exhibition, Soo Visual Arts Center, Minneapolis, Minnesota

                Bonspiel Mug Show, Hennepin Made, Minneapolis, Minnesota

                Sheridan Ceramics Graduate Exhibition, Gardiner Museum, Toronto

                All Year Ceramics Exhibition, Craft and Design, Sheridan Gallery, Canada

2018         Liquids Cream and Gels, Online Exhibition, The Gynocratic Art Gallery, Canada

                Breakthrough Exhibition, Fusion, Toronto

2017         Made in Canada, Gardiner Museum, Toronto

                Year End Exhibition, Craft and Design, Sheridan Gallery, Oakville, ON, Canada


2022         OAC, Skills and Career Development Grant

                Pottery Supply House Grant, Craft Ontario, Toronto

                Emerging Clay and Glass Artists, FUSION Clay & Glass Ontario, Toronto

2021         Tucker’s Pottery Supplies - Clay Supply Grant, Craft Ontario, Toronto

2019         Clifford Scholarship, for Exceptional Personal Achievement, Sheridan College

                Gardiner Museum Award Winner, You Know What I Mean, Toronto

                Mudtools Merit Award, NCECA Juried Student Exhibition, Minneapolis

                FUSION Scholarship Award, Fusion, Toronto

2018         Joan Bennet Award, for Outstanding Achievement, Sheridan College

2017         Best In Show Award, Made In Canada, Gardiner Museum, Toronto

PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE (Related Work, Presentations)

2023         Canadian Clay Symposium, Demonstrating Artist, Burnaby, BC

                Visiting Artist, Demonstration and Artist Talk, Sheridan College, Oakville, ON

2022          Guest Artist Presentation, Mississauga Potters' Guild, Canada

                  New Clay Conference, Demonstrating Artist, Ottawa, Canada

                  Earth Oracles, Panel Discussion, Mayten’s Project, hosted by Gardiner Museum

2021            Craft Ontario, Artist talk, Award Exhibition, Toronto

                    Renaissance Venice, exhibition installation, Gardiner Museum, Toronto

2020            Make and Do Ceramics, From the Personal to the Universal, Artist talk/Demo, virtual

2017-2019    Studio Assistant (summer) Timothy Smith, Gleason Brook Pottery, Wiarton, ON


2021          Introduction to Hand-building (TA), Brooke Cashion, Alfred University, NY

2020         Sophomore Intro to Hand-building (TA), Meghan Smythe, Alfred University, NY

2020         Ceramic Pottery II (TA), John Gill, Alfred University, NY

2019         Observational Drawing (TA), Alfred University, NY


Private collections
Collection Majudia


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